Eating gluten free

It’s been interesting while dining out. Most places are accommodating when it comes to preparing your meal gluten free. While looking for restaurant to have our mothers funeral luncheon at, we looked into ‘Continental’ restaurant in Buffalo Grove. While talking thru meals, the owner brought up patrons with allergies. I mentioned I choose to eat gluten free, they prepared the entire meal (except appetizer and desert) gluten free for the entire party. No one knew, no one complained.
During a hospital stay, I was dreading what I was going to receive when I told them I was gluten and dairy intolerant (I’ve learned it works easier). I was mildly surprised at some of the fantastic meals I’ve had (better then the regular tray). Baked fish, salad, steamed veggies, etc. it wasn’t always perfect. I still received butter, cream, lactose free milk and sherbet
(dairy) and salad dressing and French fries (gluten). But had received plenty to eat and wouldn’t have wanted them anyways.
On the flip side, not all experiences have been positive. Went to ‘Omega’ in Niles to celebrate my daughters 2nd birthday. I ordered a lemon herb whitefish, which I was informed did not have breadcrumbs, however it arrived crusted with breadcrumbs. I sent it back. After several mistakes on our meal and an inappropriate rude comment from the owner that we were not supposed to overhear, let’s just leave it at they were unfortunately unable to accommodate there customers needs nor care about them.

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