A new prospective

When I first started this journey I was excited, finally I can get to the bottom of why I’m struggling with the last ten pounds. No matter how hard I’ve tried and have actually reach my goal weight I would yo-yo away from my goal within 10 lbs., in other words I would self sabotage when I would get to goal. This have been going on for over a year an have been driving me crazy. I had already lost 121lbs. so I thought that since being in HI program the last 10 lbs. would be a cake walk. It’s turning out to be harder than the 121lbs. I initially lost. It isn’t the program, I believe it was the fear of being too thin and looking gaunt and older. Every time I saw the numbers on the scale go down and the lines around my mouth become more visible, I would unconsciously binge the weight I lost right back on. My mentor suggested to me that I should get out of my own way, and to remember what I would do when I really wanted something. I reflected on that this week, and did research on self sabotage when you are close to goal weight. I learned that there are many reasons from becoming complacent, or relaxed in your routines, being loose in your journaling of what you eat, relaxed on portions sizes, not mixing up excerise routines, to diet fatigue, like running a race without having the “runner’s pace” during the whole race, and tiring out close to the finish line. This week I stayed mindful and in the moment, of everything I ate, kept my stress levels down, keeping my eyes on the prize, and taking one day at a time. (Exercise was never a problem for me, I love to exercise, while listening to deep house music). I constantly was reminding myself that I really, really want this so that I can start to focus on maintaince. As a result, the weight started coming off again. I went back to chewing gum again which helped me greatly in the initial over 100 lbs loss, which I fell off from doing. I believe I’m on the right track of getting out of my own way, and am excited in crossing the finish line once and for all 😉

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