Stepping It Up & the Sprint to the Finish Line

Hi Everyone!

It’s the sprint to the finish – when you are trying to lose weight and get into a healthy lifestyle plan, it’s imperative to utilize all of your available resources and most importantly, to have your head on straight.

Last night I had the honor of hosting the weekly motivational coaching call for all Healthy Initiative participants. If you missed it, hello! :)

Trainers_308_highres_cropIf you missed the call or just want a recap, here’s what we talked about:

  1. Put your blinders on. We are in the home stretch, and that means that it is GO TIME! Put your pedal to the medal and have laser focus on your goal. Don’t pay attention to what people are doing alongside of you and don’t listen to others outside of your support group. Focus on YOU, YOUR goals, YOUR time, YOUR workouts, and YOUR healthy eating plan. Comparing yourself to another person or waiting on your gym buddy to take you to the gym is not acceptable! Take matters into your own hands and zero in on your goal.
  2. Won’t stop, don’t stop. In a relay race, you have the first runner running 1/4 of the race, he hands off the baton to the 2nd runner, who hands it off to the 3rd runner, who finally hands it off to the 4th runner – the anchor. You have just been handed the baton and it’s time to sprint to the finish! That anchor ONLY has his eyes on the finish line and completing his goal in the fastest, strongest, and most persistent way possible. You are that anchor – you now have the baton. You won’t stop!!
  3. Do or die. If your child was in the emergency room, you’d leave work immediately and find a way to get there. If your best friend was in need, you’d figure out a way to drop everything and run to her. These are extreme examples – but your daily kick-butt workouts and your commitment to healthy eating need to be like emergencies! They are non-negotiables.
  4. What’s your reason WHY? The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW. Write down a list of 5 to 10 reasons WHY you want to hit your goal by March 9th. For example, if you’ve been smoking a pack a day for 10 years, and you’re 30 years old, if I told you that you may die of lung cancer at age 60, you wouldn’t be very motivated by that. Why? Because dying at age 60 is very far off from where you are now. However, if your mother was dying of lung cancer, that would hit home. You would be more motivated to stop smoking. Therefore, what are your big, tangible, immediate reasons WHY you want to lose weight and hit your goal? Repeat these reasons WHY every morning and every night to stay mentally strong!
  5. Use your resources and don’t play victim. Finally, if you go ONE DAY without sweating, huffing and puffing, or not knowing what to eat, Step It Up! Don’t be a victim! You have ALL the resources you could possibly need to be successful. Immediately email me or anyone else on the Healthy Initiative Team. You even have Shea’s cell phone number! Do NOT sit back and fluster around. Ask for help, get your questions answered, and BE SUCCESSFUL! We are here for you to ensure your success, so use us!

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