Finishing Out Strong!

With less than 2 months left in the program, everyone is putting the pedal to the medal & looking to finish out strong! I have DEFINITELY had that mindset as of late:-)! This program has taught me SO MUCH about eating healthy and being fit! I feel that I have been given the tools to successfully reach my ultimate weight loss goal (45 more pounds) & remain healthy and fit for life! We’ve been trained on physical exercise, given AWESOME gym equipment from SPRI (the jumprope & resistance bands are my favs & they’re great for traveling), and we’ve received GREAT nutritional training! When I entered this program, I entered into it with the mindset that I was changing my LIFESTYLE. I’ve done a nutrition program before (in 2007) & then gained all of the weight back (with INTEREST) after the program was over, because I didn’t buy into the “mental” aspect of it. Things are different this time around. I cannot WAIT for the Gala on March 9th when we all get to show off the fruits of our labor:-). I’m just getting started!

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