Half Way There

We are just past the half way mark on our journey of our Lifestyle change.  It is not a diet, it is not an exercise program, but it is a lifestyle change.  I was never taught how to eat, I was never taught how to exercise.  Now I know.  McDonald’s and Culver’s, sorry for the reduced sales, but I’m no longer a customer.

I set small goals for myself, My last goal was to reduce my weight by 40lbs by 40 years old.  Due to some minor complications that came up, I did not reach my goal, or so I thought.  My wife pointed out that I am 40 and have reduced my weight by 40 lbs, just not by my birthday.  My next goal, is to be able to use the Wii Fit.  Yes, there are weight limits on certain things.

After 10 weeks of eating healthy (not fat free chips or diet soda) and exercise (did you know that you shouldn’t be able to wear your workout outfit a second day. Yes, they are that soaked in sweat), I have reduced my weight by 40 pounds.  With the gala on the horizon, I AM going to reduce my weight by another 30 lbs, and by the onset on 2014, I AM Committed to reduce my weight by a total of 105 pounds.

Will it be easy? A lot of the time, yes, sometimes, no.  Thanksgiving wasn’t as bad as I thought, actually, it was pretty easy.  As many were loosening their belts, I had to cinch mine up.  With Christmas eve, Christmas day, my wife’s Birthday and my 40th birthday, I strayed a bit, I gained a couple pounds back, but what goes on, comes off (and already has).  New Years Eve, I did well. I’ll see what the scale say when I go to the gym, but I feel good about last night.

Will I have to work at it? Yes, but it gets easier.  Is it worth it? Without a doubt.   There are days that I want the cookies, or the cake, or the Barbecue or the ____________ (fill in the blank) but the way I feel after reducing my weight, being able to have my wife &  son wrap their arms around me, and be able to go all the way around), not snoring, sleeping better, having more endurance, I know I can do it.

Do I have to support? Absolutely, between my sister who turned me onto Healthy Initiative, to my wife and kids who give me everything I need, to Shea, Robin, Sandy, Steph and Theresa and the countless others on the H.I. Team who helped me to realize that my biggest supporter is myself.  I can do, no, delete, delete, delete, I Will do it.  I AM Committed, I AM Able, I AM strong, I AM motivated, I AM a Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Son, Friend.  I AM Determined, I AM Unyielding, I AM Tenacious,  I AM Angelo.

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