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I have been a Healthy Initiative participant for seven weeks now. I was leery when I applied and even when I started. “How could someone do something as amazing as this for me, at no cost?” “Why would they?” “What’s the catch?” These were all questions that were running thru my mind. I started the program with my sister. We had to start with 12 days of smoothies. “How was I going to survive?” “How was I going to make it thru the first 2 weeks?” But we went to the store, bought our groceries, and went home to make our smoothies. They were not great, but they were not bad. We were taught how to modify them, the make them thinner, colder, and to adjust them to OUR liking. By day three I was emailing, asking if I was drinking enough smoothie’s, as I was not hungry. The 12 days went by, I was hungry some days, but for the most part, I was content. But more importantly, I did not have the cravings nor the desire to eat what I used to eat, oh, and as a side benefit, My weight started to reduce, noticeably. As the program has continued, we have worked out together as a group on Sundays. We are pushed hard, harder then I have ever worked out before. But it has shown me, that I am capable of doing it, and how to vary my workouts to maximize my results. Before H.I., I never had the treadmill past 3.5 MPH, but now I am doing intervals at between 6 & 7 MPH.
Seven weeks into the program, I have reduced my weight by 37 pounds, dropped 2 pants sizes, stopped snoring, have more energy and I feel better. With one week until my birthday, my mantra is….”40 by 40″. I am going to reduce my weight by 40 lbs by my 40th birthday (12-22)

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