Gym Dandy

Yesterday at our group workout we each received a SPRI home gym package!  We may have arrived empty handed but each of us got a BONUS WORKOUT juggling all of our goodies out to our cars!  The Spri kits contained a Step 360 with video, jump rope, 4 different bands, an exercise ball with pump, and a yoga mat with carrying straps.  How awesome is that?  We are all going to end up chiseled just like Shea, Sandi & Stephanie :)!!  A BIG THANK YOU to the outstandingly generous people at Spri!  On top of that we each received another package of fresh produce from Door to Door Organics.  They have been amazing too!  Another BIG THANK YOU to the beautiful people at Door to Door Organics!  Thank you for being so supportive of all of us – for believing in us and for being so generous!  You’ve given us each a BIG boost when we needed it the most!

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