Celebrating Health

Last night we went out with friends to celebrate my husbands birthday.  While everyone drank wine I ordered a bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water.  The waiter brought me my own wine glass with a lime.  I didn’t feel deprived at all.  One of the appetizer options was crispy Brussels sprouts with bacon.  I asked if they could make it without bacon and they did – they were amazing!  For dinner I had roasted vegetables (vegan option).  They were delicious and were served with wild rice containing cranberry & pine nuts.  After dinner everyone ordered coffee.  I ordered a cup on chamomile citrus tea and for dessert some fresh berries.  It was delicious.  The best part about it is that I had a great time, didn’t feel deprived and left feeling great about my choices.  That sure beats the feeling of “wow, I ate too much and I feel awful”.   I’m gaining confidence that I will navigate through these holidays and beyond.  Cheers to good health!

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