Healthy Initiative 90 Day Weight Loss Participants

I am so inspired by what is possible when someone decides it is now or never and they are going to step up like their life depends on it and make life changing decisions. 

I have heard so many stories shared by the participants about how they have already lost 20-30 pounds following the program; how participants are taking classes at health clubs that they never have taken before and actually realizing they can and will enjoy it. I am enjoying they are breaking through old eating patterns and not missing foods that were not so healthy for them.   I am excited that they are seeing changes in their body in weight, in their skin, in their energy level and influencing freinds and family by their actions to take action for themselves. To the participants – keep sharing your journey with us.  You are showing one and all what is possible.

  These partcipants are a walking billboard for what happens when you make your health a top priority and give your body what it needs.  All of these participants are champions in their own right.  Keep on going you guys!  Each one of you are not only making positive change for yourselves your actions are making a positive influence on everyone around you including myself. 

Three Cheers To All The Participants! 

Stay On The Path and Be True to You!

Robin Boutin

Mentor Coach



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